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Picture front back: Stuart Lawson, Phil Coker, and Terry Wilson

THE South West of England’s biggest student accommodation provider Clever Student Lets have made a special film about its £1 million a year maintenance operations that are mostly run by three armed forces veterans – just like a military operation.

With over 3,000 housing units spread across the city of Plymouth, Clever Student Lets was very keen to employ ex-military personnel that add value to our maintenance operations, and recognise the professionalism they bring to our business, said the chief executive of CSL, Henry Hutchins. Mr Hutchins, said:

“When Clever Student Lets signed the Armed Forces Covenant, we made a promise to actively support our commitment to the Armed Forces and their families.” “We get a great feeling out of employing people from the armed forces and motivate a lot of our staff,” he said.

The film features three armed forces veterans Stuart Lawson, Phil Coker, and Terry Wilson, talking about their transition into civilian life, and their professional journeys at Clever Student Lets.

Mr Hutchins, said: “At Clever Student Lets, we recognise the value of employing people who served in our military, and especially the loyalty and dedication they bring, and the team spirit that are infectious to the rest of our employees.”

“We are proud to dedicate this film to the incredible experience veterans, reservists, and military spouses and partners can offer local businesses, and especially to our company at Clever Student Lets,” added Mr Hutchins.

Anyone looking for more information about the Armed Forces Covenant can view on their web portal: