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Interior design tips to fall in love with

Interior design tips to fall in love with

Interior design is the art and science of enhancement. It’s an art in the sense that you are at complete creative liberty. It’s a science in the way that it uses the science behind colours, textures and surroundings to improve one’s mental wellbeing. The Japanese call it Feng Shui, I believe.

Anyhow, it’s officially the day of St. Valentine, and whether you’re single, married, dating, or anywhere in between, one thing we can all agree on – is that a freshly designed interior for your home will always be the love of your life.

So, here are a few ways in which you can up your game in the interiors department:

1. Consider making a mood board. Hell, make numerous! These crafty little visual boards come in handy when drawing up initial plans. They can help you really visualise what your plans for your rooms are. What style of bathtub do you want? Consider temperature, do you want warmer colours or cooler? When drawing up your mood boards, whether by physical sketches or through helpful digital software such as Canva or procreate, be sure to visualise those dreams. It’s the first step in making them become reality.


 2. Try-before-you-buy paints! Common DIY stores in the UK such as B&Q and Homebase have many options of trying paint before you buy it. From physical swatch pots, coloured card testers, even Dulux has a visualizer tester app, where you can take a photo of your room of choice, and digitally apply the colour paint you wish to! Goodness, technology has come very far. Scary, probably. Clever? Absolutely. With these options available, you can take away many different trials to make sure you’re ready to commit to a colour before you pay out for a kilograms worth of paint! (It’s hard, we get it).

 3. When looking at buying new furniture, consider choosing rounder furnishings, e.g., round tables can offer a softer approach, is less dangerous and gives off more of a modern look, if that’s what you’re going for. As well as this, it’s a great way to space-save. Round tables often have more space to tuck stools underneath more compactly. Another example could be to swap your square lampshades out for round lampshades, which cover wider spaces of light, illuminating your entire room, rather than the harsh edged lampshades creating pesky divides of light throughout your room. Highlighting some parts and darkening others.


 4. Pick softer toned, plainer paints within pastel ranges, even if you’re very much into bolder, more 70’s looks. (Hear me out). By framing your room with plainer and lighter walls and floors. This allows for your decorative ornaments and interesting furnishings to take centre stage. Framing your room with plainer and lighter walls and floors allows for personality to shine through.

5. Finally, don’t be afraid to add decorative objects, even if you are a minimalist who despises clutter, decorative pieces can be anything. From your grandma’s heirloom candle-holder, to a giant banana plant. These things make up a great part of your personality and your memories. Give them their space, their light, and their time. Otherwise, your room won’t feel like home. They are there for your comfort and allow your personality to shine through your home décor. Remember, this is your home, not a show-home. And you’ll be thankful you followed our advice, when your home gives off ultimate comfort-bubble vibes!


Once you’ve jazzed up your home and made it feel a million dollars, why not take a look at our free valuation check on the stay clever website to see how much it’s worth?

By Caitlin Stimpson