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Why you should live with other working professionals

Why you should live with other working professionals

Renting a home as a working professional can be a complex world, your career might be your sole focus and so you’re not sure where to start!

You may be considering house sharing for a number of reasons, but are always bogged down with ‘friends of friends’ hostel-like horror stories. But the truth is, it’s quite rare you’ll move into a house without meeting the housemates first, and as long as you ask thorough questions when viewing a house share, you should get a rough idea of what to expect when moving into a home with entirely new people.

Here we will be sharing the reasons why renting a home with other working professionals can come with fantastic opportunities, and can often times be the best decision for your current lifestyle.

You meet likeminded people

Moving in with other workers who come from different places provides a great opportunity to find people you can really relate to. You’re all in the same boat when it comes to house sharing, similar rents, same area, and often similar 9-5 roles!

It’s like university again, except cleaner!

By this, I mean you get to live with people you could potentially be great friends with, you can socialise in the comfort of your own home rather than going out if you’re not feeling like it, It, plus you’ve always got company and all chores can be spread equally, score!

There’s always a helping hand available

Not sure how to screw in a certain type of lightbulb or clean out your washing machine? House sharing means the scary, more daunting aspects of adult life living independently can be learnt from all your other housemates, and you can all learn things from each other without the worry of having to navigate it all alone!

You save money on rent and bills

A big reason many people choose to house share in the first place is due to the great side of affordability it can provide, as essentially, you’re only paying for a room and some utilities. So, if affordability is a big factor for you, we highly recommend house-sharing!

You can take in turns with housework

As briefly explained above, all chores can be split equally, so being solely responsible for the upkeep of a big house won’t necessarily all be up to you, and it won’t cut too much into your personal time, as your house mates will share these responsibilities with you, team work.

You all learn things from each other

Whether that be how to cook a certain dish from another culture, or learning some DIY cleaning hacks, you’ll always learn something new when you broaden your horizons by living with people from different walks of life.


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By Caitlin Stimpson