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Wind Down from Exam Season with These Plymouth Walks

Wind Down from Exam Season with These Plymouth Walks

Whew, what weather we’re having, eh? As a follow on from one of our last blogs about getting out into the great Plymouth scenery. We’re getting you ready for spending some time in the sun now that the semester is over with another local walk that we recommend; Devon is incredible for scenic locations and drives, so it’s no wonder that so many paths exist for walkers – with walking becoming a lot more popular post-lockdown, we’re all itching to get out and about for some good old fresh air.

In this post, we’re getting really enthusiastic about the Saltram Boundary Walk.

We’re lucky in Plymouth to have so much history, and one of those points lies with Saltram House and the walks around it. Saltram Estate is situated on the edge of the Plym Estuary and includes a gorgeous Georgian mansion surrounded by the remains of 18th century landscape parkland. The boundary walk follows the parkland and woodland, providing views of the surrounding estuary and Blaxton saltmarsh.

A scenic route through gorgeous woodland and alongside the water will keep you looking around for more. With endless sights that will have you eager to get your camera out, you’re best off starting this route at the Chelston Meadow entrance to Saltram and following the route through. From there, you have the choice of around 2 or 3 ways to choose from, meaning you’ll have multiple ways to experience this walk.

It's a great route to take during the sunnier days, as there’s many places along the way to stop and sit down on the grass: which means a perfect place to sit down with a picnic and a coffee flask and enjoy some time surrounded by the natural world right next to the water. With the semester being over and essays and exams being completed, it might just be that natural medicine you need to recharge your batteries, recommended to be done with friends. The panoramic views you’ll see on this walk are second to none, so if you’re a photography enthusiast or just like to snap away on your phone, you’ll have plenty of scenes to capture along the way. This kind of day out is great for capturing memories locally as well as diving into the history of the land that surrounds Plymouth, and we can’t get enough of it.

Once you’ve taken in the sights surrounding the old Georgian manor house, maybe take a stroll up to it and spend the rest of the day uncovering the history that lies within the house’s walls including the incredible craftsmanship that went into building and creating every intricate room within. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration within, and through the gardens that are always so elaborate and peaceful.

So, if you’re in the market for a bit of an alternative day out with friends to decompress from the stresses of university now that things are winding down for the summer, certainly give this walking route a try, we’re sure you’ll find it relaxing! Whilst you’re here, if you fancy a few other routes that might interest you, check out our previous post on some great coastal walks around the city.