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What 3 rooms sell your home and how to stage them?

What 3 rooms sell your home and how to stage them?

When selling a property, there are many important factors to consider such as: Are there any rooms that are letting my property down? Or which rooms do I need to really promote to sell this property quicker?

This is where we have you covered, this blog looks at what we consider, the top 3 most important rooms and how staging can make or break your sale.

  1. Kitchen – Often overlooked due to lack of furniture, but simple staging techniques can make this room pop and increase the value of your home!
  2. Master Bedroom – Needs to give off a relaxing and neutral vibe, so people can imagine their own stamp or belongings throughout. Should feel like a relaxing haven away from the rest of the property.
  3. Master Bathroom – De-clutter and cleanliness above all else! Keep it fresh, chic and let the bathroom do all the hard work for you.

The Kitchen

This is your property’s secret weapon but one that is often overlooked. As kitchens don’t always incorporate too much furniture, people neglect to think about staging, but as one of the rooms that offer the most value in a property, it’s definitely one to remember! So, how can you stage your kitchen I hear you ask? Try the following:

  • Painting your cupboards – if your kitchen is looking a little tired, paint is a relatively inexpensive way to breathe some fresh life into your home.
  • Open shelving – if you have bare walls, adding some shelves can be the perfect way to add a pop of colour with some fun plates, or plants, creating a more vibrant and open space.
  • Regrout those tiles – if your tiles are looking a little grubby and outdated, it’s amazing what a fresh bit of regrouting can achieve! Especially if the tiles are very much a focal point in your home.
  • Three is a magic number – If you have countertop containers for pasta, tea, coffee, etc…stage everything in numbers of three.
  • Food is the key to people’s hearts – Bake some bread or cookies to create an appetising smell in your home. You’d be surprised at just how much of an impact this has on people. It creates an atmosphere that makes people envisage themselves at the property.
  • Chairs chairs chairs – People want to not only imagine themselves at the property but having guests over. If there are no chairs, it may give off the impression of the room being a smaller space than it is. If you have an island or a table, try and get some extra chairs or stools ready, so people know that have plenty of space to entertain.

Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should feel like a haven, a safe sanctuary away from the rest of the property. Staging this room is incredibly important because people need to see themselves relaxing in this room. If you don’t love the bedroom, you don’t love the one room that’s JUST yours. Tips to make this room pop are:

  • Focus on your bed – aesthetically speaking, you want to use neutral colours rather than bright as they create a more relaxing vibe, however, pay close attention to layering too. Maybe a white duvet, but with a beige or salmon throw? The colours will compliment each other well, but they will also give off more of a homey vibe.
  • Neutral walls – people want to walk into a property and imagine putting their stamp on it. Sticking with the relaxing vibe, a neutral pallet will always serve you well.
  • Plants galore – if you haven’t noticed, the indoor plant scene is completely blowing up. It provides very boho-chic vibes, makes a room feel more inviting and green is always a wonderful pop of colour that isn’t permanent and can be incredibly inexpensive!
  • Avoid clutter – having nightstands or dressers is fine, however, try avoiding having a lot of ornaments around, or any letters lying about. People want to imagine a fresh home to walk into, as well as imagining their belongings, not yours!


I know what you’re thinking…How am I supposed to stage a bathroom? It’s a lot easier than you would think!

  • Declutter – Creating an open space, where people can see their belongings in the property rather than your own, is often half the battle. So have a blank canvas by hiding your personal belongings away, showcases how much storage space you have too. If storage is an issue – consider putting up some shelves too!
  • Clean – Once your space is clutter-free, the next step is making sure it is immaculate. Have a good clean and tidy to show your bathroom in all its glory!
  • Plants – for the same reason as above, a plant can provide a pop of colour where you might not have any, but it also provides a really chic aesthetic throughout the property and maintains consistency, so a plant or two can make a huge difference!
  • Grouting – If you have tiles, same as your kitchen – they’re likely to be a focal point. Keep them clean and if you can’t get them clean enough, re-grout! A simple, effective way of giving your bathroom a facelift!
  • Accessories – So we want you to avoid clutter, but fresh towels or some expensive hand soap never hurt anyone! Gives off an air of elegance and makes your bathroom seem more desirable.

Remember, if you have a property you’re looking to sell, don’t forget to try our Free Valuation tool.

By Emma Thomas