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Plymouth landlords...We need you!

Plymouth landlords...We need you!

Landlords…Are you ready for the huge financial boost Plymouth is about to receive?

  • £2 Billion being invested in Dockyard rebuild.
  • £27 Million being invested in transforming the look and feel of Plymouth’s City Centre.
  • Plymouth University student intake is on the rise.
  • Intercity Place – New medical campus to be completed by 2023.

With over £2 billion being invested in the Dockyard rebuild, £27 million being invested in transforming the look and feel of Plymouth’s City Centre, and Plymouth University student intakes on the rise; with projected first years increasing from 5700 to 6600!! It’s a really exciting time. The good news is, this will continue to grow, especially with the new Plymouth University Intercity Place being developed as we speak, ‘Intercity Place will house the facilities for the Faculty of Health and be used to train future nurses, midwives, paramedics, and physiotherapists’ [A. Williams 13/08/2021], we are about to see a huge increase in the medical sector in Plymouth. We weren’t kidding, the interest in Plymouth is about to skyrocket!

This is where you come in. Not only do we need rooms for September 2022 to house this influx of students, but we’re also looking for properties available now.

Want your slice of the £2 Billion? Why wouldn’t you?! With hundreds of professional tenants looking for properties now, we need your help, more than ever. We have the tenants waiting, we’re just looking for the rooms! If you have a 6 – 15 bed property, you should definitely be dropping us a message!

The benefits of housing working professionals:

  • NHA – We can get the workers into your property quickly and if it doesn’t work out, it’s quick to rectify – low risk but high reward!
  • They come through a company, meaning extensive reference checks are conducted before access to the property is given.
  • Long-term contracts – on average, we find workers are looking for anywhere between 2 – 5 years, so it could be the perfect, long-term commitment you’re looking for.

If workers aren’t your main focus, that’s fine. With more students coming to Plymouth, we’re constantly looking to develop our portfolio. 1s, 2s, 3s and 4 bedroom properties are always the first to go and are consistently in high demand. With the increase in medical students especially, these tenants, much like workers, often like to be based over a longer period, looking for smaller properties to aid with their occasionally unsocial hours. Again, it means you could score yourself quality tenants, for a long-term commitment. If you’ve got a property that you think would be suitable, why not contact us today?

Don’t forget, you can use our Free Valuation tool to book in a valuation with us and see if we can rent or sell your property!

By Emma Thomas