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The most popular interior trends of 2022

The most popular interior trends of 2022

It can be a daunting process looking at interior decorating- whether you’re doing it yourself or not, there’s a lot of money at stake, and it’s not always easy to know what you want to commit to design-wise. Due to the pandemic throughout 2020 and 2021, we’ve all spent so much more time in our homes that there’s been a noticeable shift from the classic minimalism trends of 2018 to incorporating more personality and blending in more items of practicality, even bold shapes and broader colour palettes of the 70’s seem to be making a huge comeback, which we’re all here for!

If you need some inspiration, or you're simply just curious as to what is ‘in’ right now – self-proclaimed by the likes of Good Housekeeping and Vogue themselves, here you’ll find all of the most popular interior design inspirations and who came up with them so far in 2022!

1. Biophilic designs

Tying in with the general populations focus on being eco-friendly and minimalistic, people are turning to earth-toned furnishings and lots of plants, possibly as an attempt to get back in touch with nature after being locked in for so long. This concept can be seen and amplified by interior designer, Seth Caplan – not to be confused with actor Seth Caplan.


2. Bold Patterns

With a mixture of the classic 70’s bold colours and modern curvature-shaped patterns, bold patterns as an interior design inspiration and concept are certainly making a comeback in 2022. Instagram home-influencers have shown their interior design trends, typically featuring coloured glass, bendy candle holders and patterned cushions and rugs. This concept can be found most popularly in Mike Van Tassels work in Architectural photography, and is thought to be a culmination of people’s change in sustainability and opting for second-hand goods and finding vintage gold in charity shops.


3. Traditional throwbacks

Along with people’s want for a fresh start in the design of their homes, people are commonly looking for a sense of familiarity, nostalgia and comfort within their homes in 2022. As well as this, people are starting to make smarter investments in their houses, meaning they are opting for more traditional styled claw-foot tubs, windows, mantelpieces and so on for sustainability reasons, so it is long-lasting and sturdy. These designs can be found everywhere, especially in the UK in more ‘old builds’. Using tones of cream, gold and beige and skirting board patterns are achieving a fresh look whilst also maintaining a regal element.


4. 1970’s

Giving similar vibes to Mike Van Tassel’s ‘Bold’ themes, the 60’s/70’s patterns and vibes have come back in full force with clothing, so it’s no surprise that interior design has followed suit. Colours such as terracotta, cerulean blues and mustard-tones are making its comeback, as well as mid-century trademarks of ‘peg-legs’ which are starting to be more commonly found in IKEA furniture, mixing with round tables and bedside cabinets, as well as pine-wood tones and fabrics with complex, ‘trippy’ textures.


5. Multi-functional rooms

Finally, something that seems to be making a huge comeback in recent days are multi-functional designed rooms. Most certainly a result of COVID, and people beginning to work from home more, people have started to incorporate more of a ‘corporate’ feel within their homes, mixing with minimalism as it’s a real space-saver. Some people have put mini tables and chairs in their children’s bedrooms now, as well as exercise equipment in living rooms – acting as a multi-functional room – as offices seem to have gone ‘out of style’. This concept can be most commonly found among ‘fitstagram’ influencers, and social media content creators who are beginning to utilize their living spaces as working spaces also. More products are being seen in IKEA and Amazon, the Futon Company and so on such as foldable table-top laptop holders, electrical cord organizer's in bedrooms, vinyl stickers with built-in weekly planners.


Whatever you choose for your home, there are many ways in which you can go about visualizing your plans. For example, you can use mood-boards for inspiration, make a Pinterest board, and so much more. Why not check out this wonderful blogpost on interior design tips!

By Caitlin Stimpson