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Knowing Your Legal Rights as a Tenant
23 June 2022

Knowing Your Legal Rights As A Tenant

While we represent everyone involved in the housing game, a lesser talked about subject is knowing your rights as a tenant. Knowing your tenancy rights can protect you from discrimination and...

Why you should live with other working professionals
9 June 2022

Why You Should Live With Other Working Professionals

Renting a home as a working professional can be a complex world, your career might be your sole focus and so you’re not sure where to start! You may be considering house sharing for a...

Space Saving Hacks For Small Homes
17 May 2022

Space Saving Hacks For Small Homes

If you’ve ever wondered how you can space-save while you’re living in a small house such as a flat, a bungalow or even a house with limited bedrooms, you’ve come to the right...

The clever guide to downsizing your property
19 April 2022

The Clever Guide To Downsizing Your Property

Downsizing comes with many benefits, including the obvious one, money saving – you can also benefit from downsizing due to the change of scenery, giving you a fresh perspective and a new and...

Easy moving hacks that you will wish you knew before
12 April 2022

Easy Moving Hacks That You Will Wish You Knew Before

Moving house is up there with one of the most stressful events to happen in one’s life, we explained that in our previous blogpost, how the home searching process works at Clever . But...

How the home searching process works at Clever
11 April 2022

How The Home Searching Process Works At Clever

House hunting can be challenging at the best of times and knowing where to start can be even more tricky. Luckily, with Clever, we make the searching and moving in process as simple as possible....

Spring gardening tips
22 March 2022

Spring Gardening Tips

As we’re coming towards the end of March, the sun is finally starting to creep out of its dungeon! You know when you see the daffodils out and about that spring is coming upon us....

The most popular interior trends of 2022
14 March 2022

The Most Popular Interior Trends Of 2022

It can be a daunting process looking at interior decorating- whether you’re doing it yourself or not, there’s a lot of money at stake, and it’s not always easy to know what you...

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