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Top tips to save money as a student
28 October 2021

Top Tips To Save Money As A Student

Have champagne taste with an own-brand beer budget? Don’t worry, it’s really the norm for university students to be having to live modestly. So, if you have a fiver to your name with 2...

Need help?
1 October 2021

Need Help?

'1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England.' When you hear figures like this, it's easy to see why mental health is such an...

How to look after your mental health during Freshers!
1 October 2021

How To Look After Your Mental Health During Freshers!

Freshers is a MOOD and so much fun! You'll meet some amazing new people, take countless photos, make some amazing memories…or just forget it all immediately anyway. Regardless, it's a total...

10 steps to find a perfect 2nd year house
1 October 2021

10 Steps To Find A Perfect 2nd Year House

First years! Your first few terms at uni are going to be a bit of a blur… if you’re doing them right! New friends, societies, exploring a new city - and that degree you’re...

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