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Wind Down from Exam Season with These Plymouth Walks
21 June 2022

Wind Down From Exam Season With These Plymouth Walks

Whew, what weather we’re having, eh? As a follow on from one of our last blogs about getting out into the great Plymouth scenery. We’re getting you ready for spending some time in the...

Current Open-Calls for Art Students: Opportunities Await
1 June 2022

Current Open-Calls For Art Students: Opportunities Await

Plymouth is gradually becoming a hugely welcoming creative hub for students looking to develop a practice whilst studying. Because of this, there’s always new opportunities popping up weekly...

Dealing with emergencies as a renter
31 May 2022

Dealing With Emergencies As A Renter

Dealing with emergencies as a renter can be scary. Knowing what you’re actually responsible for versus what you’re not responsible for can be daunting. Knowing your rights and...

The best bank cards for students
13 May 2022

The Best Bank Cards For Students

Are you a soon-to be student looking for a reliable bank to open with? You’ve come to the right place! You may be wondering what the point of a student bank account vs having a normal...

Tick off those to-dos with our Clever exam season checklist
13 May 2022

Tick Off Those To-Dos With Our Clever Exam Season Checklist

There’s a little bit of a theme with our current student-focused content, as we know exam season is a tough one. We want to make sure our students are ready and prepared to tackle exams...

How to Survive the Exam Season the Clever Way.
4 May 2022

How To Survive The Exam Season The Clever Way.

How are we all feeling? With exam season on the horizon, it’s easy to get swept up in the stress of it all. But we want to encourage you (although its easier said than done) to relax your...

Exam season is upon us: are you making sure your sleep schedule is up to scratch?
28 April 2022

Exam Season Is Upon Us: Are You Making Sure Your Sleep Schedule Is Up To Scratch?

Several studies consistently suggest that getting plenty of sleep is essential to maintaining good brain function, and during exam season should be no different. But how do you get yourself into a...

Feeling stuck for your next design? We’ve rounded up the best resource for your next graphic design project.
20 April 2022

Feeling Stuck For Your Next Design? We’Ve Rounded Up The Best Resource For Your Next Graphic Design Project.

Feeling stuck for your next design? We’ve rounded up the best resource for your next graphic design project. Do you sometimes find yourself being stuck for inspiration when it...

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